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Italian law enforcement, in collaboration with several other European countries, has commenced the crackdown operation on Xtream Codes. The operation is underway and intends to shut down all its servers across several countries.

Xtream Codes is the most popular IPTV software service company with over 5,000 IPTV clients and millions of users worldwide. What’s interesting is that Xtream Codes itself is not an IPTV service provider. Instead, it offers IPTV management software solutions to IPTV service providers. It sells a variety of IPTV software packages ranging from as low as $10 to $60.

The operations against such service providers are not new. However, this is one of a kind since Xtreme Codes is not an IPTV hosting service and only a software company.

As a result of the crackdown, hundreds of paid IPTV services are expected to go down in the coming time.

xtream codes shutdown crackdown

How does Xtream Codes shutdown affect you?

As I said, the Xtream Codes shutdown is going to bring down hundreds of IPTV services, likely including the ones you currently use.


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